Okko Hotels in France


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When modern, minimalist luxury and affordability meet, it’s a true thing of beauty. Such is the case with hotel chain Okko. French designer Patrick Norguet makes the most of the small bedrooms at the newest edition of Okko Hotel in Nantes, France, by implementing a streamlined design concept.


“We began by removing useless things, to focus us on the well being of the user and integrate more information and services using new technologies,” Patrick Norguet told Dezeen.com. “I designed an adequate, simple, and timeless product around this “Okkospirit” to cater to customers’ new needs: a place unaffected by time or trends and where the notions of service and comfort are essential…I wanted to create a brand, not just a hotel!” Indeed, the high-end amenities and services combine with aesthetics and comfort to create a serene and coveted space, worthy of a much higher price tag.


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