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The world of cinema is peppered with stars whose reputation precedes them, celebrities who are so famous that their name serves as a shorthand for a character, franchise, or trope. They are legends in their own time, seemingly beyond the grasp of mere mortals. Sean Connery, with his rumbling Scottish brogue, was one such actor. Connery hit the big time when he took on the mantle of Ian Fleming’s famous spy, James Bond. For decades, and to some even today, he’s been touted as the best of the Bonds, and the role afforded him a plethora of later opportunities. However, even though just about everyone recognizes his name and face, the average moviegoer probably hasn’t delved too deeply into Connery’s personal life.

What about BOND WIDOW ‘SCAM’ ?

Sean Connery’s widow, 91, faces jail & £21m fine over ‘tax fraud’ in Spain


The last photograph of Sir Sean Connery with his wife by his side

But despite the death of the Bond actor, Spanish authorities have insisted the long-running case has “not gone away”.

They warned they intend to notify Micheline of the indictment so a trial can take place.

Prosecutors blasted a “lack of cooperation” from authorities in the Bahamas, where Connery died 11 days ago, aged 90.

A source told The Sun today: “Formal requests have been sent twice to the Bahamas to notify Micheline about the prosecution indictment and the court-ordered trial against her, but Spanish officials have yet to receive a reply.”

Connery, married to Micheline for 45 years, was told in 2014 he would not face trial for the sale of their home in 1999.

It was demolished to make way for 70 flats despite rules saying only five could be built.\


The late James Bond star’s Casa Malibu property in Marbella, which he sold in 1999 Credit: PA:Press Association

A luxury apartment complex in Marbella, built on the site where the actor’s villa was situated Credit: AFP – Getty

The actor’s lawyers, mayor of Marbella and six councillors were jailed for the scam.

A judge decided French-born Micheline should face trial and could face jail and the huge fine if found guilty of tax fraud.

Sir Sean’s widow has called the allegations “nonsense”.

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